Give me a song to sing, & I will sing it to You, God.


untitled by sarah+evers on Flickr.

a mighty march, by s.k.

What would I have done if it wasn’t for Your love?

What would I have become if it wasn’t for Your blood?

Don’t equate the presence of God with a good mood or a pleasant temperament. God is near whether you are happy or not.

— Max Lucado (via godmoves)


But You long to meet me in my struggles. And I’m sorry for how often I ask you to take them away so that I can continue to ignore You. 


(via 5 Places Where People Slow Down Aging)

Failure is inevitable, unavoidable but failure should never get the last word. You have to hold on to what you want. You have to not take no for an answer and take what’s coming to you. Never give in, never give up. Stand up. Stand up and take it.

— Meredith Grey (via life-is-an-adventure—dare-it)


I’m jealous of the people who see you everyday and don’t appreciate you.